Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Handmade Spark Blog Feature

Last week we asked you to nominate your items to be featured on Handmade Sparks Holiday Gift Guide. A huge thankyou to everyone who commented, we have a great selection of items and any of them will be a great representation for the team if they are chosen.

Please vote for one item in each of the 5 categories below and ask your friends to vote too. Polls will colse at midnight on Tuesday 26th October and the top 2 in each category will be submitted to Handmade Spark.

Here are the nominees:

The links will be up on our Facebook page soon so you can see the pictures a little better and vote from there if you'd prefer. Best of Luck!


  1. Hi guys, great selection from Ireland.

    I wonder is there anyway of lining up the voting boxes with the picture boxes as the last few there seem to be aligned with different pictorials. ie.
    If your voting for a black item it looks like you would be clicking a number in the green voting box.

    Best wishes to everyone. :)

  2. Nice!

    I had no idea there was a group for us Irish based mob - thanks Selkie for pointing it out!

  3. Sorry about the layout... had it perfectly side by side in the preview lastnight, don't know what happened. Centered above each poll is the best I can do now. Any blog admins who know how to fix it please feel free.

  4. that was fun!
    but I can't vote on the big treasury challenge

  5. Just voted - phew, that was difficult!

    My guess is that if you wanted the box and pictures side by side you need to use the table functions in HTML. I could give it a go and see what happens...

    Carrie, why can't you vote on the treasury challege? What happens when you try?

  6. It must have taken you ages to put all this together Letizia. Thanks for doing it.

    Everything is so lovely it's hard to choose.

  7. Tables worked, but unfortunately it doesn't look as nicely aligned as I wanted to - the blog software has a thing about line breaks and some HTML commands...
    So this is the best I could do.

  8. Thanks a million Purls - looks so much better....way easier to use. I can't vote in the treasury challenge either, when i click vote the button just looks like its registering the vote but keeps going forever round in the little circle.

  9. That's so odd, because both this poll and the treasury poll are done by the same site. It's just that Letizia embedded the poll in the text, while Rach has it as a widget.

    I check with Rachel what she wants to do - it could be your computer or browser settings, since other people have voted, so the widget works. Don't worry, we'll get your vote somehow ;)

  10. Oh dear, I have no idea why the treasury challenge widget wouldn't work for you two. It was set to close at midnight last night, but it looks like this was earlier than that, so I'm lost.
    I have to announce the winner today, so you two can convo/email your votes to me if you like? I guess. I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. :(