Friday, 15 October 2010

Fab Five on Friday

This week we have a selection of beautifully crafted and sophisticatedly simple items from Irish Etsy sellers. I love all of these, everything looks so crisp, delicate and calm in a dramatic monochrome palette.

Featured items:
Seagull III by bridgetfarmerprints
Hopper Trout Fly by NoFlysOnYou
Silver Flower Petal and Freshwater Pearl Necklace by knighttimedesigns
Bridal Hairpins, Pearls and Crystals by lilabelledesign
in the snow bracelet by byaisling

Chosen by Beth of magpieandbutton.
As always, if you would like to suggest or curate a Fab Five on Friday, just send me an Etsy convo :) 


  1. Beautiful! I do love the simplicity of this selection.

  2. Thanks for featuring my dads fly :) My mother told me to stop telling him when he's been featured in stuff coz he's really getting a big head.

  3. Ha! Well I think you should tell him anyway Letizia. His shop looks great. The photography is beautiful!

  4. very refreshing collection.

    Letizia that is so funny. It must be really great to have Etsy in common with your Dad. I wish some of my crafty family would join me here.

  5. Well it might be if he had a clue about Etsy AM - I do all his computer bits'n'pieces but he's excited about it anyway and I'm just waiting 'til his reaction on his first sale.

  6. LOL Letizia! Yes, first sale winning the lotto!

  7. thanks so much for including me here ;o) lovely selection