Thursday, 23 September 2010

Tiny Box Company Discount

We are delighted to announce that Tiny Box Company have organised a discount for Etsy Ireland Team members.

Tiny Box Company only offers recycled packaging and eco friendly packaging so are a great choice for the environmentally minded crafters out there. Don't worry though there is no compromise on visuals they still look as good as other boxes & even better than many more on the market.I love that you can buy individual boxes & mix 'n' match so many different sizes, patterns & colours. From paper bags to photography boxes, they even have tissue paper & ribbons so Tiny Box Company really is a one stop shop for all your packaging needs.

At the moment their checkout facility is only available for UK residents but they are in the process of changing their website to accommodate Irish customers. So for the moment we can only order through e-mail (hello[at] or over the phone (+44 1342 810900) but don't let that stop you from quoting your discount code. Details have been e-mailed out to members so check your inbox & if you haven't already sent me on your e-mail address, please do.


  1. I discovered Tiny some time ago, and although right now I don't need packaging (I re-use my old envelopes and parcels), they are definitely on top of my list if I do!

    I love those pink boxes!!!

    Thanks Letizia and Tiny for the discount!

  2. I used them already & I have to say the quality of the boxes is great. I'm delighted with them.

  3. Is this still valid? I don't have the code but would love to find out if its still valid?


  4. never mind, found it in my inbox! xo