Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Team Treasuries!

Happy Wednesday, folks!
We've got 4!! new team treasuries for you this week. You guys have been busy! Well done!

I'm so thrilled to see so many Crafty Ireland Team treasuries!
As always, be sure to click, comment and share these treasuries so we can make them HOT!
Front page here we come. ;)

:) Rach


  1. i really enjoyed making that, but it does take some time!

  2. Oh, two treasuries I haven't discovered :)

    Must go click!

    Yes Nancy, it does take quite a bit of time - I haven't made one for ages for that reason, although I keep saying that I want to make one...

  3. I get carried away when I do have spare time, and make two or three, but it's hard to choose from all the beautiful items :) Lovely treasuries here!

  4. Lovely selection of treasuries! Great to see 4 this week, let's make it five next week?