Saturday, 4 September 2010

Our ATCs revealed!

So here we are fellow team members and faithful blog readers: the end of our ATC challenge/swap. My name is Virginie and I absolutely loved organizing this event. I am sure everyone has been challenged one way or another, whether it was to make a first ever card or whether to challenge yourself and try a new media. Also, optionally,
the participants could make a little 'handmade' something to accompany
the cards...

So, I invite you dear reader to:
a-Grab a cup of tea
b-click on the BLOG LINKS (in some cases, pictures are posted below) to have a wee look at our participants' little wonders...
c-PLEASE leave a comment and/or FOLLOW the blogs, we all work hard at them...

Let's start with:

Brigitte's 2 ATCs ( She wished to make an extra one to swap with me) She opted for a yarn/mixed media look.
Brigitte's ATC for Jessamyn
For Virginie
Tanya has been very brave to participate as she's expecting a baby very very soon (unless it's arrived!!) So thanks for participating Tanya, and Congratulations in advance!!

Fiona from

'I love cupcakes'For more of Fiona's pictures, please visit

Ruth from and

Mary from

Aine from

Beth from

'The magic Button'

Suzie from


have a lookie at my 3 ATCs

Jessamyn from
Jessamyn is swaping twice, check it out!

Linda from

Carrie from

Bee from and new shop

Rachel from

So I hope you enjoyed your browsing :) If you wish you had participated to the swap, don't hesitate to convo any of us, you never know we might be up for a new exciting challenge!Also if you'd like to swap links, mine is up for grab (code here on the left handside).
Meanwhile, thank you so much for blogging with us!!


  1. All right guys, I hope I haven't forgotten any links or anyone lol Must go round all the blogs now! don't forget to communicate your address to your swap partner ^_^

  2. Thanks again Virginie for a great challenge and personally I would DEFINITELY be up for another one! Well done to everyone who participated, your cards are all lovely. There were a couple of blogs that didn't have an ATC on yet (I am probably up too early thank you children) also couldn't post a comment on Little White Dog but wow I LOVE your ATC!

  3. I loved this too and was really rather excited to see the results. I love mine, Suzie Rocks @ Little White Dog. Let's do more, huh, will we, huh Vivi?!!!!

  4. They are all so lovely! I can't wait to receive mine and put it up. :P

    This has been so much fun! Thank you again for organizing this for us, Virginie.

    We should definitely do something similar again!

  5. Wow! They're all so beautiful!! I cant wait to get mine!
    I've a such a good time doing it, Thanks Virginie for all your hard work!- I'd love to do it again!


  6. This is so great! I'm delighted (and SO impressed)to see everyone's work. Thanks for organising this event Virginie. I can't wait to receive my beautiful card from Bee! :)

  7. I'm so releaved and delighted (as it was my first time organizing something like this)that you enjoyed it girls!

  8. They all look so amazing. Well done everyone!

  9. Well done all and especially Virginie for organising it.

  10. This was fun - and a great distraction for me in the run up to labour day! Everyone's cards are great, I'm already looking forward to the next one ;)*

  11. I meant to say to Letizia thanks a mil for your efforts on the team discount!

  12. Oh! and there's a couple of girls I haven't heard from at all (this is why there's no pic or link) could you please contact either me or your swap partner please to let us know how you are doing with your card? tx

  13. Wow, these ATCs are gorgeous!!!

    It was fun to make mine, so yes, I am definitely up for more swaps!