Saturday, 10 July 2010

Etsy Ireland ATC Swap Challenge - hosted by ViviBijoux

Hi, my name is Virginie from ViviBijoux and I thought I would organize a challenge/swap for the team...
An ATC swap where all participants will be paired up to exchange their Artist Trading Card. Tany Bond wrote an interesting article about ACEOs which are very similar to trading cards only ACEOs sell, ATC are swaped.

All levels are welcome but I do hope that this challenge will be a nice introduction to Art Cards for beginners. Old timers at ATCs/ACEOs, you're definitely invited to participate and share your ATC wisdom with us and if you have pics of your cards please let me know so that we can show examples in the next post.
The goal of this swap : Share your love of art + promote our Ireland Etsy Team as well as individual boutiques.

So here's the deal folks :
- A sturdy 2.5''x3.5'' card (64x89mm) using anything from watercolor paper, mountboard, card stock, bristol board, wood, canvas, playing cards, leather, interfacing, name it!

- Content using anything from fabric, paper, mixed media, paint, collage, pen, ink, name it (again)!

- A Back Artist Info (example of info found here- you can also google it, there's zillions of them out there)

- A standard Trading Card Enveloppe sleeve (example of template here - same here, google it for other shapes)

- A swap partner who will be attributed in 2 weeks time when all the participants will have signed up

- Optional: a little goodie (from you/your shop or a small voucher...totally optional)

These are the basic requirements. Now, the rules are simple but plain common sense:
- Cards must be sturdy
- Art traded should not be of controversial, religious, sexual nature (obviously, so as not to offend anyone)
- You must have made the card yourself (helllllloo, makes sense but has to be said)
- Follow the 'Golden Rule' and only send to someone the quality of craftsmanship you'd want to receive (in other words, simply do your best)
- Shipping is the sole responsability of the swapping partners so please package your items securely.
- Final date to enter the swap is 2 weeks from now. So the list of participants and other updates will be posted here after that.
- Showcase will be on sat 4 september


*How to showcase?
on our personal blog or the team blog if you don't have one. Please send me the link to your reveal post or pictures for the team blog by friday night the 3rd September .
The reveal article will be posted on sat 4 Sept
* Are any costs involved?
shipping fee+ card making costs

*Can I participate even if I don't have an Etsy shop or are not part of the Etsy Ireland Team but follow the blog?
Of course, please do! and don't hesitate to give a shout to people you'd think would be interested. Simply showcase your pics on your blog or the team blog

*When do I get my goodies?
The cards can be sent off after the saturday reveal. Please be sure to communicate your shipping address with your partner

If you agree with ALL the conditions above and are ready to have and share some craic, please comment below the same article on my blog with your name, blog/facebook/twitter and Etsy shop or alternatively convo me through my etsy boutique
I also have a voucher giveaway in the previous article on my blog, hope you can have a go too :)

You'll be hearing from me with the complete list of participants and partners on the sat 24th July.

Thank you for reading and let the fun begin!


  1. oh but I'm a photographer my drawing skills are not my best attribute *blush*
    willling to take a detailed look into this though - cool idea Virginie

  2. Oh wow, I'm intriiiigued! COOL challenge Virginie! I've been kinda browsing ACEOs and getting a better idea of ATCs since Tanya Bond's post, but have never done anything like it. Definitely count me in!

  3. Count me in too, the direction my business has gone I never get to paint or draw anymore, but I love doing it. So this will be a great excuse

  4. Brillant Girls, if it's any comfort to you, I'm a newbie too and for the article's purpose have made only one so far and it was fun! No need to have any drawing skills. For ex, mine will be collaged...You're in girls! and don't forget to spread the word ^_^

  5. go on then missus - count me in! its been an age since i made an atc ;)

  6. Ooo, how fun! I've never done ATC's before but I'll give it a whirl!

    Is it ok though, for us to list them in our shops as they aren't for sale?

  7. Carrie : great, you should use your photographs!

    Balanced: super! I talked about the boutique showcase in the FAQ. will see what the others prefer to do :)

  8. oh I read that, I mean because it's against Etsys TOS to list anything that isn't for sale. Just don't want to do anything wrong. :)

  9. I'm in if there is any space left! Great idea!!