Saturday, 25 September 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

This Eyes Open Ireland is from Ellen of Spiral Godess. She lives in Rathvilly, Co. Carlow

Ellen says, "Across the road from our home there is an amazing 'Enchanted Forest'. You walk in and at once you are transported into the magical realm of Fairies, Goblins, & Magical Creatures, Wee Folk live here and have done for hundreds of years. We spend hours searching for fairies and pixies but they turn into butterflies when they hear us come near and flutter by our faces to thank us for visiting. We found their homes that are hidden in trees and left our written wishes at their doorways. There is a magical cave we haven't investigated yet as Daddy thinks he heard a Dragon breathing and we are not sure if he's friendly. My inspiration comes from places like this and watching my girls total belief as they point out fairy rings and magical things. In the Spring it is covered in Bluebells, Summer it is lush and dense, Autumn it is full of fruits to be picked and made into jam and in the Winter you can almost hear it sleep as you watch your breath disappear into it."

"I love this place as it Heals and Inspires me in every way."


  1. Wow, it looks amazing. I'd love to have a few fairies living nearby but yeah best to steer clear of that cave, dragons aren't known to be the friendliest unless it's Puff. Your girls are so adoreable. Thanks for sharing your photos :)

  2. magical, indeed! Would love to visit that forest. Beautiful pics!

  3. Thanks for sharing this enchanting place Ellen. And it so ties in with the essence of your work.

  4. What a beautiful magic forest! Love it!

    And Puff could do with a few friends - he's still missing little Jackie...

  5. We were in it yesterday picking blackberries and the chestnuts were falling from the trees :)

    So nice to share it with you all, it's truly magical ♥