Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Team Treasuries! and a new Search option!

Hello team!

First up we have Cloudy Day Dreams of Ireland from Ruth of NiceDaySupplies

Next, one I made myself this afternoon, Light and Warm.

And for some exciting news, Friday last week Etsy released it's new Treasury Search function!

This is proving extremely helpful in locating all of our team treasuries. Simply enter the search term, tags:craftyirelandteam
Like so:

* click on image to enlarge

( you can also just type - or c/p - this url into your address bar )

You can also search your username to quickly find all the treasuries that you are included in! Try it out, it's fun!

Lastly, remember to send me your treasuries so that I can post them here and share them with the team. I post every Wednesday. Also, if possible, try to send me current treasuries as Etsy seems to only post ones to the Front Page that were made within the last few days.

You can send them to me via convo on Etsy or email them to

Now off ya go! Click, comment, spread the word!

Happy Wednesday Team! :)


  1. Thanks Rachel! I've missed both the new search function and your treasury, so I better go clickety click :)

  2. Oh wonderful I'm in a new treasury thanks Rachel. I love the new search function too, makes it so much easier to find the people I want to see. Off to click.. :)

  3. Lovely treasuries! Search function is handy to know about too, thanks girls!

  4. Yummy!!!! I'm in both!! Yippie!! :)