Monday, 12 July 2010

Team Coffee Catch Up Dublin 14th August!

Hi Y'All -
Angela here from artysmarty, I'm going to be the new contact/arranger for meet ups for the team in Dublin!  I love the meet ups, it can be a bit of a solo gig being a designer and maker, so catching up with people who do the same thing is great and gives you the chance to get feedback on new products, packaging ideas, pricing and all that stuff.  And you can drink coffee while you do it!  Hooray!

So, I am going to suggest Saturday 14th of August at 2pm in the Snail Bar where the last few meetings have been, they do a nice brunch there.  As a bit of a discussion point perhaps people could bring some new products that they are working on to pass around, see what everyone is up to.  Swapping unused materials can also be a good one, so if you have any fabric scraps, bits of ribbon or beads that have been sitting at the bottom of your treasure chest bring them along.  Like a clothes swap but for materials!  So let me know via the comments box about how that date suits everyone and we'll go from there!  Look forward to it.

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  1. Hi Angela, won't be around as will be in Australia (yay!!!) but have a great catch up.

    Just a follow on from the last meeting, if people want to do a swap it would be good to agree a value before the meeting that items can be bagged up (eg eur5 bags of goodies) so that the swap is more evenly balanced.

  2. Australia??? Can I hop into your suitcase?

    14 August should be fine with me, so I am looking forward to the meeting!!!

  3. Hopefully I can go too. And yes, pre-bagging swap items or bundles into €5 or €2 units is a great idea.

  4. That date sounds great to me - I'll defo be there (with supplies to swap this time!).


  5. Ah, Purls, would love to have you along for the journey but you know what the airlines are like with baggage these days!!!

    They just wouldn't let your knitting needles near the plane.

    It's our annual pilgrimage home to remind our family what we all look like.

  6. Sounds great, will be in and try to bring some new work plus swoppables with me too. cu then! :)

  7. Have a good trip Alex, see the rest of you there sans kids, hubby should be off that day!

  8. sounds great@!!! i miss the meet ups!! i hope i can make it too!

  9. I just booked my train ticket, so don't change the date (cheap tickets are non-changeable!!!).

    So for any Northerner travelling down, I'll be on the 8am train to Dublin. If you want to check out web fares for the Enterprise, click here:

    There are cheaper fares if you take an earlier or later train, but if you are dependend on buses like me, it'll cost you for taxis...
    There are also bus services, but I do like the option of a coffee and a loo...

  10. Ok, lock it in then! See you on the 14th!

  11. ah now angela don't forget me! Hopefully I'll be able to waddle my way up the stairs!!!