Thursday, 17 June 2010

Positions vacant - apply within!

Hi all! As you may be aware, it's time for Ruth and myself to hang up our hats and hand the admin reins to other team members. That would be the metaphoric picture of Ruth and me sliding off the edge of the leaf there ...

We've broken down the tasks involved into smaller roles, in order to make things more manageable and now need several people to step up and volunteer. Thanks must go to Tanya for all her work in putting together the job descriptions. :o)

So be brave, stick your hand in the air and get in touch if one of the roles below sounds up your street. We can't do this without the support of the team and it would be a shame to see the group diminish given the immense growth and spirit that has evolved over the past few months.

Ruth and I are happy to continue to contribute in a small manner (and of course guide new contributors through the process and provide backup and help) but we need others to pitch in please.

Team Admin ♥ (Rotated every 6 months)
> Responsible for making newcomers welcome and passing on links (facebook/flickr/blog..)
> Encourage members to tag items correctly with 'craftyirelandteam'
> Add new shops to Shop Directory on blog
> Update Etsy teams staff with new member list monthly
> Be on hand for general queries from new & existing members.
> email the New member admin person (see below) weekly with the names of new members for inclusion in the 'welcome' post on the blog

New member admin for 'Welcome' updates ♥ (Rotated every 6 months)
> Announce new members publicly on the blog (Member Update) once weekly email is received from main admin person: this involves visiting each new member shop, getting a pic and title of a current item, creating the collage or composite graphic of that week's members and then doing the Welcome post)

Email Person ♥ (short term role)
> Work alongside Team admin and Blog editor to maintain and update the member mailing list
> We could use a shared document (i.e Google Docs) so that it can be easily edited and used by team admin, blog editor and PR team instead of mass convo's

PR Team/Think Tank ♥ (Long term role for 3 - 5 members)
> A bunch of proactive creative thinkers & most importantly 'doers' to help generate publicity for the team, online and offline. (Press releases/Team promotions/events etc.)
> Responsible for applying for team grants and informing team of progress via blog, facebook , twitter, etsy chat room…

Blog editor ♥ (Rotated every 6 months)
> Responsible for adding new bloggers to author list
> Adding emails onto team mailing list regularly
> Create a blog timetable through shared docs and make visible via the blog
> Editor will be backed up by 'blog hosts' to avoid holes appearing in schedule

Blog Hosts
> Responsible for assisting Blog editor in maintaining a complete blog schedule and help fill holes where necessary

'Fab 5 on friday'
Host will be responsible for sourcing members to participate. Each week a different member will select their fave 5 and pass onto host for blogging.

'Crafty Update'
Host will announce upcoming craft fair details, events, shop promotions/giveaways etc. on members behalf. This feature will act as a noticeboard for the team but its success depends entirely upon the participation of members.

'Treasury Curator'
Host will be contact person for all treasury makers in the team. Regular blog posts (2/3 times a week) with screenshots and links to active treasuries.

'Tea & a chat with' (instead of introducing Monday perhaps?)
Fun, friendly member interview blogged by host - also responsible for sourcing contributors on a weekly basis.

'Eyes Open Ireland'
Snapshots from members hosted by Bridget

All Members!

*** Step in and contribute a blog article once in a while – volunteer! Don’t wait to be asked!

*** Represent your Area! Hosting a crafty meeting is a great way to do that! We need rep’s for Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Limerick and Cork. Each rep will be responsible for setting up meeting time/location and inviting members in your locality to come along. No big agenda! Just meet up, chat, show off your latest makes and have fun. We’d love each rep to blog after each meeting with some photo’s and a little summary of what you all got up to!

Brigitte from Purlsofcolour has already volunteered to pitch in with the blog and Beth from Magpieandbutton is also up for regularly contributing for Fab 5 - thanks guys!

So leave a comment below if you're up for it. Thanks.


  1. Hi y'all! I would be happy to take the 'Tea and Chat With' for the blog and also organise the catch up meetings for the Dublin area!
    Let me know what you reckon!
    Angela (a.k.a. artysmarty!)

  2. Hi guys!!! I'd love to get my teeth into one of the bigger roles but just afraid that work commitments would interfere and I'd let the team down so for now I won't put myself forward! HOWEVER, I would be happy to contribute articles as its been a while since I've done so! Also I'd be happy to host a get together in lovely Limerick! :)

  3. Hello!

    Same here for the bigger roles unfortunately, but I'm happy to put together/organise people for the Fab Fives, and would also love to be involved as a Cork rep unless someone else wants to jump in!

    Really looking forward to the Cork meeting this Saturday at 2pm at the Bodega :)


  4. I'll step up for Treasury Curator! I had no idea there was such a position. Also, Fab 5 on Friday.
    I'll try to be more proactive contributing to all areas of the team, though. :)

  5. Hi,

    I'd be interested in being a Belfast rep, unless someone else really wants the role.


  6. Nicely done Tanya and well done to Ruth and Alex for a massive job on your own!!!

    I'm in! I think I might be of best use as a blog host but I'm open to one or two of the other roles in particular instead if we get stuck. gotta dash to work so I'll check back later and have another look.....have a good day!

  7. If anybody needs any help with clarifying the above roles, some friendly advice etc...just shout! I'm more than happy to help ;)

  8. Thanks for the input so far from everyone, that's brilliant.

    As mentioned, Ruth and I (and Tanya) are more than happy to guide anyone through the initial phases of the 'takeover' so you won't be drifting alone in a big ocean!!

    Cheers, Alex

  9. HI there
    I could take a shot at Crafty Update and will look forward to doing the odd article (as well as the Traditional Crafts series).
    Cheers Mo

  10. Hi I would like to put myself forward for one of the tasks. Clodagh

  11. guys I don't mind helping with something, don't know what exactly 'cause not hugely comfortable with running anything behind the scenes re: blogs but happy to help where i can as an assistant... not a secretary for nuffink!!!


  12. Thanks Ruth, Alex and Tanya for all the great work.

    As I mentioned before, I am willing, able and slightly scared (a lot to live up to!) to put my knitted hat in the ring for the blog, ie Blog editor.

    And Roxy, I am looking forward to the first Belfast meet-up!!!

  13. Did anyone already say Team Admin? I'll do that if no else wants it. One question though whats Etsy teams staff & how do I update it.

  14. Alex, Ruth, Tanya thanks for job well done. Brigitte (Purls) I would be happy to be blog host and help you where needed, Margo

  15. Hi Letizia, the Etsy teams part of the role is contacting the teams admin dept at Etsy via email once a month or so, and letting them know who needs to be added into the official Crafty Ireland team list on this page ... they take 3-5 days to then update the listing. Pretty easy!

  16. Thanks Alex, I'm defo up for Team Admin so :)

  17. Thanks for all the work you have put in over the past year cudos to you three Ruth, Tanya and Alex. I'll have a go and put my hand up for a think tank/PR Breda.

  18. Wow thanks so much for everyone volunteering, it means a lot!!
    We'll talk about this a bit more tomorrow at the Cork meeting, and also it might be a good idea to have a live chat in the Etsy Chatrooms, either all the volunteers, of different groups having a live chat.
    The more people we have volunteering for blog hosts the easier it will be for pearls. I would be happy to stay on in this capacity. And also to give Rebecca a hand being the Limerick rep.

  19. Hi I am only new to etsy Ireland but would love to be part of the pr team and would definitely be up for the role of Galway rep.

  20. I think a live chat sounds good. I just have a couple questions. I'll keep an eye out for an update on all of this. :)

    Hope you all have fun at the Cork meetup!