Tuesday 4 May 2010

Hooray for Prudence!

Six wonderfully talented team members are featured in the May/June issue of Prudence magazine in a feature called 'Which Craft'.

The article showcases the creativity and vibrancy of Fiona from PatchworkDelights and Suzanne from LittleWhiteDog:

Bridget from BridBird and Ger & Bonzie from Bonzie:

and finally Bee from BeeliciousCrafts and Monika from BagNoir.

You'll have to go and buy a copy if you want to read it all! Congratulations to you all and wonderful to see the Crafty Ireland Etsy team in action and in print.

May all your sales explode exponentially through the roof!


  1. Well Done featurettes - Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  2. i thought the photo's looked absolutely amazing!!! well done all! ;)

  3. congrats to all you ladies!

  4. that's really cool. well done girls! And well done Alex for orchestrating it.

  5. It was a great day down in Dublin and we had a lovely chat. I really enjoyed it even though i missed my train on the way down due to a *##-*!! marching band! Thanks so much Alex, you're great!