Monday, 12 April 2010

Tea and a Chat With; Me! Angela from artysmarty

Well, due to the busy season, this is a week late but I am expecting some pretty revealing stuff in this one as it will be about yours truly, your favorite Tea and a Chat With host and the team meet up co-ordinator for Dublin, me, Angela from artysmarty!  So here we go;

Tell us a bit about what you do;
Well, I design and make women's (and a few men's) accessories, and like every other designer/maker I do everything else too, selling, marketing and research.  My accessories range from fabric purses to resin rings, earrings, necklaces and cufflinks and also some fun stuff like wood-cut badges and key chains.

If you weren't the crafty type what would you be doing?
I actually trained to work in museums and galleries, curating and writing catalogs for exhibitions, that kind of thing but it's pretty niche but in hindsight I don't think I really had the drive to make it happen.  I trained in ceramics but I always wanted to do furniture design at uni but never got around to it and I also thought that I would like to make furniture.  My craftiness is innate I guess, I think of all the other possible careers and they are all related to the arts.

Give us some of your favorite designers/fashion peeps;
Hhmmm I don't really follow any designers and I am a bit lazy about fashion too but  I love the knit wear from Electronic Sheep and Paget Scottt McCarthy too, they're both Irish designers.  I would have a lot of favourites with jewellery though, Rachel Swan, Maureen Lynch, Laura Caffery and Clare Grennan.  They are all living and working in Ireland.

What are you top 5 films of all time;
Tough one, but in no particular order (and subject to change!);

  •  The Wrestler
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  • Back to the Future (ah, an old favourite)
  • Garage
  • Once

What was your mother always right about?
My friend's mum always told us never to trust a man in white shoes...I still think that's pretty good advice!

Lastly some linky goodness, where can we find you?

Well thanks me, that was really interesting I never would have guessed that about me!  Who knew?!

Anyway that's it for this week!

Angela (a.k.a.artysmarty)

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