Friday, 9 April 2010

Market Opportunities

Thanks to the Savvy Shopper for the Image

I was contacted recently about these two markets:

Craft Fair in DCU
Laura Power is organising a craft fair in aid of Youth Release Ireland, she is looking to raise money to go to Dira Dawa (Ethiopia) and do volunteer work this Summer. The market is a craft,flea,food market in Dublin City University on the 21st of April. It's just 15 euro for the table fee. They do ask that items sold would be inexpensive as they are aiming at the student population. Email Laura at for more information.

The Bernard Shaw Bar Carboot Sale
These guys contacted me wondering if Etsy Ireland wanted to get involved in a how-to stand. Showing punters how to make simple crafty things that they could then take away with them. You can also sell your wares there too, but I think they want more of an interactive thing. The deadline for the next show is 17th April (sorry for the late notice that's my fault!). But they seem to run regular events also, I'm tempted go go for one myself later in the year. This looks like a really cool venue from the website, and it would attract lots of trendy arty types....just the kind of people who love Etsy! Check out this link for submission, also mention that you are from Etsy Ireland.

I'm not gonna be around in Dublin myself for either of these events but if you leave comments here, maybe a few of you could team up and do something.


  1. Love the idea of the Bernard Shaw one but when I clicked on their site it says applications are now closed ... hmmm. Will have to keep an eye on the dates for any others.

  2. Just read the thread on Etsy chat re this, am def interested in waving my hand in the air for the Bernard Shaw one, so if we could go in with a bit of a Crafty Ireland group theme I'm all for that.

    Happy to wave the flag on my own but anyone else up for it?!?!?