Wednesday, 7 April 2010

How-to Make Tags

It's official this is the simplest how-to ever made. I was going to do a post just showing the tags that I've been including in my orders lately, but I thought it would be fun to do this instead. God holding a camera and cutting something at the same time is hard. I have a new found respect for all those how-to blogs, or maybe they all have helpful boyfriends.

You will need these
-Dark patterned paper
-Light patterned paper
-Logo stamp, I got mine custom made from Jlmould-Ink pad
-Stickers, I got custom ones made from Moo
-Prit Stick
-Crimped edge scissors, I got mine in Msigns
1. Cut the dark paper into rectangles large enough to fit your stamp, then in a smaller shape cut the light paper with the crimped edge scissors. Then glue on the light coloured paper.
2.Place your lovely sticker on the left hand side, sometimes I like to choose something that matches the product that they have bought. After that write in thanks, merry christmas, or whatever.
3. Load ink onto your stamp and place carefully, press down, and lift of in one smooth movement, et voila c'est fini! This is a really good way of using up scrap bits of paper, and a cheap replacement for business cards. It also adds a lovely personal touch to your orders, I've had lots of customers comment on them. I tend to sit down and make a load of them in bulk so that I'm not doing this everytime I make a sale.


  1. Lovely lovely lovely :) You're right, it's a nice personal alternative or add-on to a business card included with an order. Thanks for showing us Ruth. Oh and your stamp looks fantastic!

  2. Coooooool. Love the idea of using all those tiddly bits of paper that I keep because I just KNOW they will be useful one day ...

  3. thanks! Simple but effective.

  4. yes, great idea for sure. Are you into scrapbooking at all by any chance? I'm getting into it a bit and I'm loving it...

  5. They look great & your photos look fab on the stickers too.

  6. Great to have a how-to on's the kind of thing I love! Your expert tips are greatly appreciated, Ruth:)

  7. What a great idea, I particularly love the mini stickers!!! How cool are they!

  8. Oh I love MOO products they rock. These are a lovely way to show off other designs - cute and personal.

  9. I love these!!! The stickers are soooooo cute...gotta get some!!!
    Nice work!
    H x

  10. Aw thanks everyone!! I felt a bit silly posting this as it's so easy but I'm glad ye liked it!

  11. Beautiful ideas! So personal
    Thanks for sharing