Monday, 22 March 2010

Welcome new members!

It's time for the newest team members to step up and say hi. Come on in and grab a cuppa.

Our dazzling debutantes this week come from Galway, Cork, Belfast and Leitrim and beyond so it's great to see the team members originating from the length and breadth of this land. We're like the Meteor map, soon we'll have 100% coverage!

Let's go clockwise from top left:

As always, a stunning array of talent and items. Hop on over to their shops and say hi, leave some hearts and welcome to the team.

And in case you've missed the last couple of 'Welcome' posts, check out some of our recent additions here and here.


  1. Wow amazing new members there!!! Welcome :)
    That necklace is fantastic!

  2. Welcome all!!! The more the merrier! I have a pair of beelicious earrings which I love, I'm very proud to be Bee's first sale at etsy! :D

  3. I love that cupcake scarf! So clever! Great shops, great new members-welcome everyone:)

  4. Absolutely wonderful! I love the new stores!

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know of any craft markets happening in Belfast, N.Ireland?