Thursday, 4 February 2010

I'll Show You Mine...Nice Day Designs

Hi this is Ruth from Nice day Designs and Nice Day Supplies, and here is a peek into my studio. I was really lucky when we moved into this house last April, the recession was good to us in the fact that rent prices came down. So we were able to afford a second bedroom that I could use as a studio. Cheekily I took the large master bedroom, that uses up the whole top floor of our house. I really love the high ceilings and exposed beams, and all that great storage was already here when we moved in.
As you can see I have A LOT of stuff, I work in many different disciplines, so this means I need tonnes of supplies. I try to keep it somewhat tidy, but it's a contstant struggle to control the chaos. Since I've started selling supplies I now have loads of extra boxes in the space that I really haven't found a proper place for yet. But I'm hoping to take a trip to Ikea soon, and all my troubles will be over then.... hopefully!
I attempted to make the place look a bit tidier for the photos, but I realised I will never have one of those pristine spaces. It think this room looks a little like the inside of my head, lots of things/ideas going on, lots of colour, and a bit scatty, but with a strange kind of logic. Having said that it looks a lot better than during the start of January, which had the left over carnage from the Christmas madness. I also hung up a few extra drawings/paintings that I had lying around, left over from exhibitions. It's nice to have pretty things to look at, I must also get myself a notice board so I can make some cool collages....oh another thing for the list!!
I feel really lucky that I have loads of space to let the business grow, it's heaven working there all day. Most of the time I'm squirrelled behind my desk sewing and listening to my audiobook. I also have a second work desk set up, because over the past year I've had a few people come in and do work experince, which is nice to have a bit of extra company.
Hope you liked my little tour!
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  1. Hi ya Ruth, you're so lucky to have so much space. it's a dream for any craftperson! don't worry about the mess, sometimes you get prolific in it! ;-) do you have many people coming in for work experience? what do you do with them?

  2. mmmm IKEA - I so want to go there!! I love your studio!!! I'm jealous of the size of your desk!! :(

    Hey Elmo!

  3. Love your workspace. The size and light is fabulous. I can only wish I had some even remotely like it.

  4. Same here! I have a "compact" work area in an already "bijou" spare room :) Ruth your place looks great. Asalways, I love a peep into the workspace of such a creative person.

  5. Vivibijoux-I've had 3 people come in for work experience. I have a great girl in this week who is doing work experience for college. I had a call today saying a few secondry school student are looking to do some too. I ask them to do some sewing,paper cutting etc. I make sure all the work is organised and clearly laid out so there is no question as to who designed the piece. I wouldn't ask them to make a piece from start to finish.

    Rebecca-I got that in Limerick, in Justin Herberts, they delivered it too!

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)

  6. Great workspace - loads of creativity going on. Thanks for sharing

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