Saturday 27 February 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

This weeks photos come from Hayley of 2boos. They were taken in Howth, Co. Dublin shortly after she first moved here.

"We went [to Howth] while we were still in Exploring mode. I particularly love the Lighthouse, mainly because it looks like some one actually lives there. The Harbor was just lovely and despite the weird weather (raining one minute sunny the next) there were heaps of people around. We had also heard that there are seals in the area and had the pleasure of seeing some of them around the boats. We also ventured up the hill to the top of the village where the view was great, we found the little stone passage way on the way back down. There is also a GREAT fish and chips shop near the bus stop!"

If you'd like to contribute to this feature please send your photos to me at bridbird78[at!]hotmail[dot]com. To read the original 'call for photos' see THIS post.

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  1. Despite being Irish, I only went to Howth this last summer and its lovely, almost like a time warp. All the boats and seagulls made beautiful pictures, its one of those times I wish I could draw or paint. Thank you for these!