Wednesday 2 December 2009

A Call for our Counties!

Hi I'm Bridget. I'd like to make a regular feature on the Etsy Ireland blog showing photos of all the different counties we live in. I'm interested in colours, textures, composition, anything you find interesting about your surrounding and that show off our lovely country. You don't have to be a photographer for this, I just want to see what you love about your surroundings. They can be of your home county, or of a county you visited. Tell me why you took the photo, which county it is in and your name and etsy shop, send your images to my email address, bridbird78{at!}hotmail{dot}com
I will only use them for this feature on this blog!

Here are a couple of examples that I took.

Belfast Lough from Crawfordsburn, Co. Down
It was the soft colours and the dancing seed heads that enticed me take this.

This was somewhere in Donegal, me, my friend and her dog on a timer. I love Donegal's huge open deserted beaches and the strong horizontal lines of these expanses.

Now show me yours! If you don't have photos straight away that's fine, just keep it in mind and send me them when you're ready, I'm hoping this will be a continuous thing and make us all look around and notice things even more!


  1. What a fabulous idea. It's too easy to get immersed in your everyday surroundings and forget to notice all the beauty around you. Must now dig out the camera and see what makes me smile!
    Thanks for suggesting it!

  2. Fab idea! I have some recent photo's from my last road trip to County Down. Will definitely send on a couple to you Bridget!

  3. aaah crawfordsburn!!! I used to go camping there with the girl guides - fell 'in love' with a boy scout who made me a rubber band ball! I'm easily pleased....

  4. Great idea! I must get out my camera and photograph the fantastic sunsets we've had in Cork lately :)

  5. What a really fantastic idea Bridget. And what amazingly beautiful photos. Makes me want to grab a dog (if I had one) and go for a walk immediately. free moment, I will be off camera in hand.....

    TanyaMac - I am not sure that this is the sort of blog in which to discuss such intimate details of your raunchy love-life history!!! At least you will always 'Be Prepared'.... Carol xoxox

  6. great! I'm glad you're all in on this, Looking forward to seeing your photos.

    Tanya, I fell 'in love' with a boy while on holiday in co. claire when I was 11, but he didn't make me a rubber band ball :(

  7. beautiful photographs!
    fantastic new feature, i'm looking forward to see more of this! ^-^

  8. Those are beutiful Bridget, I have loads willhappily send you some.

  9. That's a great idea Bridget and I should have some photo's on a disc somewhere that I'll try to find. Will be closer to xmas though before I get time - and I have ahead likea sieve so holler to remind me.

    You have a great eye! Those photo's are brilliant!

  10. Love your photos! Since I 'borrowed' Dad's digital camera for illustrating my blog, I've been surprised how many comments are about the photos taken around the garden and while walking the dogs! People love looking at other places!

  11. That's a great idea - I'll keep it in mind when I'm out.

  12. Goodness!!!
    I'm just after discovering this feature now....I loooooooooooove taking photographs and I will send you one (or two or three...) as soon as I get out and about again!!!