Sunday 7 February 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

This weeks Eyes Open Ireland photos come form Heli of HeliDesigns

"As I am originally from Finland, a 'country of thousand lakes' yet not very hilly, climbing Irish mountains is something special for me  - it's so quiet up there on the top, you can hear only wind and your heartbeat. That helps me to clean up my mind and look at my work from compeltely different corner when I'm back to my daily routines. First of the mountain pics is taken in Glendalough, which is just a stone throw away from Roundwood and my workshop. The other view is over Wicklow Gap. 
I am very attracted by Irish castles and their gardens too - under the tree (the first picture, taken in Powerscourt Gardens in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow) I've found my 'secret idea spring'. The Peacock is photographed in Johstown Castle Garden in Co. Wexford - can't ever get bored with the beautiful colours and posture of these birds!

Hope these Irish views can help to wake up other crafty people's inspiration too :)"

If you'd like to contribute to this feature please send your photos to me at bridbird78[at!]hotmail[dot]com. To read the original 'call for photos' see THIS post.


  1. That tree is so magical, it looks like something straight from Hobbiton (the lord of the rings). These are stunning photos, they look like an ad for 'Discover Ireland'-the tagline should be, 'Come visit Ireland,everything is beautiful and we are really crafty too'

  2. Wow - these are beautiful photographs I especially love the first two.

  3. WOW these are lovely photos! I found this blog through an Etsy forum thread that I had going about blogs and twitter and all of those fun things...this looks like a really neat blog (and team!) I love all that is shared here. There is so much talent! I only wish I lived in Ireland. :-) Have a lovely day!

  4. Ireland, I can't wait to see you one day...

  5. Rainey! I have obviously missed some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland! It really is a dream to visit Ireland and breathe the air... take in the beauty.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree!!!

    If I ever get back I hope you'll tell me where to find this magical tree. :o)

  6. Just re-read and realized the pics are from Heli.... my compliments... they're wonderful!

  7. I can't get over how stunning this tree is. I've never seen a tree like this in real life. It's definitely something out of a movie.

    I hope I can see it one day.

    Thanks for sharing such stunning pics!

  8. Thanks a million for all comments! :) Canace, you'll find the tree in Powerscourt Gardens in Enniskerry, County Wicklow, just half an hour's drive from Dublin to the south. My new workshop is located only about half an hour's walk away from the Gardens so if you're around drop me a message and I'll come and point it to you.
    Lovely summer to everyone!:)