Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Clickety click - St Patrick's team treasuries

We've got 3 fabulous St Patrick's Day themed treasuries currently twinkling away in the vast Treasury lists.

Seek and ye shall find has been snagged by TanyaMac with an impressive array of beautiful things. It's so great to see creative interpretations of the Ireland / St Patrick's theme which showcase the group's work and loving the warm gold and orange hues in there too.

And An Irish Holiday has been snagged by IrishWoolen, another varied and impressive range of items to get the Paddy's vibe going, with great green and cool blue shades. Great work.

And Quaint, snagged by Balanced is continuing the St Patrick's theme. The Treasury team are firing!

If you have time to visit and click, click, click and comment that would be great. Thanks to everyone's hard work at snagging the many Treasuries over the past weeks.

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  1. Es muy divertido tu blog!
    Original y divertido que sigas con tanto arte y buen humor!!!