Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

More photos by Etsy Ireland members of their inspirational surroundings! These images were sent by Ken and Claire of Stradbally Jewellery Design.

"We're living in a beautiful village called Stradbally in Co. Waterford.  All around us are landscapes to draw inspiration from. The Cove is minutes from our house and we can hear the sea when it's quiet at night. The rock face down there glows pink in certain lights. 
The rocky beach in the second photo is also just a short stroll away.  This beach provides whole new textures from the sandy cove in the first picture .The rocks have been worn away in a pattern you could only dream of recreating in silver!
The third photo is a wooded area nearby.  The undergrowth gets covered in blue bells in the spring and gives the whole area of trees a purple hue.
These are the things that we can pull on for ideas for colours and textures for our jewellery.  Hope you like them."

If you too have images for this feature please send them to me at bridbird78 [!at] hotmail [dot] com. See this blog post for details. Thanks!


  1. oh wow! i lived in Tramore for a year, and i recognised that top picture! i remeber one time, in my wisdom, that i rode the bike all the way along the beach to that point.. needless to say, neither my thighs nor the bike thanked me for it the next day!! love it down there!

  2. lovely beach! i hope to see more of Ireland come summertime!

  3. What a wonderful mix of landscapes we have here in Ireland. I'd love to see all the pics in a lovely glossy book for my coffee table! :D