Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A brand new year

photo: Pink and White Crochet Hearts from Annie designs

Hi all!

Welcome to the future! doesn't 2010 sound weird???

hoping all of you are excited and buzzing about crafting this year, and have already managed to pry yourself away from the leftover christmas chocolates, and got yourself to work..!!! hmm, wish i could say the same about myself!

Last year we saw a lot of great things happen on our team, from the basic formation of it, to the launch of this blog, and even seeing our team in print!

We hope you have some ideas about how we can make this year even better! if you have any thoughts on the sort of things you would like to see this team achieve this year, please write a comment below!


  1. We gonna do some team challenges this year? I'm all set! :)

  2. themed projects could be fun. or a group fair.
    Happy new year everyone!!

  3. Oooh I love the idea of a themed project. Challenges would be great fun too!

    I'd also like to make it to one of the next meetings, it's a new year's resolution I'm far more likely to keep than my other one... cutting down on chocolate! Maybe we can set up a meeting for Etsians in Munster too :)

  4. I'm going to get you to give my blog site a makeover......this one is looking super cool!

  5. I am ready for challenges too:) A group fair would be a great idea, I haven't participated in a single fair yet to be honest, but I would love to. And I do hope I could make it to a team meeting. A meeting in Munster would be great, even if just a couple of people make it it would still be great to get to know some fellow etsians in person:)

  6. Happy New Year all! Looking forward to the next meet up/virtual chat :)

  7. great ideas! keep it going!

  8. Happy all thing new! yeah 2010 is going to be some year alright! I hope to see a monthly challenge (that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun!), lots of new members, a St. Paddy's day online promotion and maybe a renegade event or two in time for Christmas....

    I don't wish for much do I??? ;)*