Saturday, 12 December 2009

Eyes Open Ireland

I have a little theme to the photos today, it's quite Christmassy! Thank you to Rachel and Ruth for these images of Ireland under snow!

"I took this photo, well because, just look at it - it's gorgeous. I know some people are not fond of snow, I probably wouldn't be either if I had to live with it all the time, but you can't tell me that it isn't just stunning here! I love the way it's just sprinkled on the tree tops and the Dublin mountains are visible in the background. 

This is taken out our back bedroom window, last year. I hope to see the same this year though. :) "


"This photo is of Limerick city centre. It's the view out of the bedroom of an apartment that I lived in for 5 years The building that it looks out onto was my favorite pub 'The Wicked Chicken', and upstairs all the neighbours flats that I could see into in a very 'Rear Window' way. I took this last year when it started to snow, I was so excited that I had to take some pictures, it was about 2am, and the city was pretty deserted. Soon after my battery ran out on the camera a bunch of people fell out of the pub and had a huge raucous snow ball fight. Snow in Ireland is a bit of a treat!"
-Ruth Crean

If you have photos you'd like to submit for an Eyes Open Ireland post please follow this link for details, and please, send photos as regularly as you like!


  1. Great pic Ruth!

    I love this new Christmas layout on the blog too! So pretty! :)

  2. beautiful pictures!!! the falling snow on the background made the pictures come alive. ^-^

  3. Great pic Rachel!
    Wow I love the falling snow, it makes me think I'm looking out of that window again!

  4. Those are both great photos. The one in Limerick almost looks like something out of a Dickens novel, perhaps its the windows? Snow would be fun alright wouldn't it? In the school hols please?

  5. and the prize for best pub name goes to...! ;D

  6. Fantastic photos. I love the weak wintery sun in the first photo and the photo of Limerick is wonderful. It looks to me like a model village. Super.