Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Eyes Open Ireland!

I'm still calling for photos of your counties or other places in Ireland you've visited (see this blog post for details) Today I have a photo for you sent by Nancy Falkow from Co. Dublin.

Nancy says, "t
his is a photo I took at Seapoint in Monkstown, Co Dublin in July 
(that's my 3 yr old gal on the bottom right)...
that cloud coming in from 
Dun Laoghaire was one of the coolest things I've ever seen!"



  1. Lovely photo, I really like the composition.

    I was just wondering is it ok to send in city scenes? I live in Limerick city centre, and I'm expecting Santa to bring me a camera so I'd like to send in some pics in the new year.

  2. wow, great shot! i love the clouds!

  3. Absolutely nicedaydesigns! Send me photos of anything you like! City scapes, country views, lovely textures, interesting colours. Just as long as you tell me what it is about the image that you like, where it was taken and a link to your website/ etsy shop.
    Send photos to bridbird78(at)hotmail(dot)com

  4. Great Pic Nancy!

    I'm definitely getting snap happy next weekend when all these fairs are over! I'll be in touch Bridget! ;)

  5. Glad to hear it tanya! I need lots more!

  6. thanks girls, just seeing this today! i wrote to the cloud appreciation society to find out what kind of cloud the big one was, i thought it was rather unique....they replied - it's a storm cloud coming in - how untechnical!
    thanks for the feature bridget!!!