Tuesday 13 October 2009

How to.... Tuesdays.

Make a pouch!

During the summer, i had my sister over and i was trying to explain how to make a pouch, without actually doing it with her. THat was silly, cause it made pouch making seem an awful lot more tricky that it actually is...

1) you need:

-1 Zip
-2 pieces of outer fabric, cut to length of zip and depth of however deep you want your pouch
-2 pieces of lining, the same size as the outer.

2) First, get your zipper foot on your machine. Then unzip your zip, and sandwich one edge of it between your lining and outer fabric. Make sure your zip is FACING your outer. Pin and sew.

When you open it, it will look like this:

3) repeat the same with the other side. Again, make sure the zip is facing the outer fabric.

when you open it it will look like this:

4) Open it out and face the lining to the lining and the outer to the outer, like this:

5) UNDO ZIP to halfway at this point.. very important...

6) now sew all the way around the outer edge leaving a gap in the lining. make sure you sew over the zip ends.

7) Turn the whole thing inside out through the gap you left.

8) stitch up the gap.

9) and voila! you have a cute little pouch!

How easy was that!! YOu will find more like this on my blog...


  1. you make it look so easy!!! I love the pouch you made for me! ;)*

  2. This is great, I'm so glad I've found this blog now. And thanks for featuring my utensils!

  3. This is a really clear tutorial - i'm teaching a sewing class at the mo- was planning on doing up a similar tutorial, but now I can get everyone to check out the blog - really clear pics too:)

  4. Ditto on what Tanya said. You make it look so easy!

    Love the new background BTW - very springish and optimistic ;o)

  5. oh I'm like a kid in a candy shop - this background is a bit busy though?

  6. i love the background! i love it more than the sky, but i also liked it.

    Thanks for the flattery Cuada, it's always appreciated! i hope the class can find it useful!

  7. oh my ... another cool background! Someone has been busy ;o)
    My post for tomorrow is already in (scheduled to be posted shortly after midnight, when I'll hopefully be happy asleep)!

  8. oh, if I may suggest something to improve the blog - the tags have to be organised and people should stick to the rules, ie. How to Tuesdays can be tagged as "how to" and everyone contributing should use that tag and not "how-to" or "How to Tuesdays". Same with all the other posts (ie treasury, I show you mine..., local suppliers, Hello...). The sooner we organize this and come up with clear rules, the less confusing the blog will be for future readers. What do you think?
    xx A.

  9. Fab tutorial! I always wondered how to do that! I might go into pouch making with my felt and embellished panels...........wanders off thinking about new colours and fabrics to use.