Friday, 11 September 2009

I'll show you mine if....

Doesn't everyone love a nosey in other peoples studio or workspace??? I know i do! I love seeing all the interesting things hanging around and the way they have laid out their space!

I thought i would start the ball rolling with this, a little snippet of my brand new studio and i gotta say it is AMAZING to finally have my own space! my little haven...

as we have only just moved in, it isn't quite lived in yet, and i think i may have to do a little moving around.
This is a little inspiration corner, or just things that make me happy corner..

The other side of the room is not, shall we say, beautiful at the moment, but it is functional... the sewing machine and Andrew filing cabinet for his photography, its an old school cabinet, it has graffiti on the top of it, you know the usual " Peter Michaels was 'ere" variety. We love it!

that's all for the moment, but i will be putting little sneak peaks of the stuff i have been happily making in my little space, on my blog.

Lets see your now!


  1. Aaah its a gorgeous space Sarah - you get a nice leafy view from your sewing table too! We definitely need more sneak peeks like these - great job Sarah, I'm wondering who's next??? ;)*

  2. Great idea to start a theme like that Sarah! I love seeing a glimpse of other people's creative spaces or boxes of treasures.
    Tanya, are you next???!

  3. Wow Sarah, you just moved in? Hard to believe so uber organised. What a craft space!

  4. Well that's it Sarah! You have set the bar WAAAAAAY too high for me!!!!! What a really lovely craft space you have created. But I too have the amazing luxury of being able to look out at trees from my workbench.

    Thanks for sharing.