Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Crafty Market

Yvonne & Tarsila


Had great fun at the recent Crafty Market in Dublin - great festive atmosphere as usual, met lots of creative folk and familiar faces from the team too. Applications are now being taken for the October 4th Market so if you are interested in taking up a stall then make sure you get in there before the deadline on Monday, September 14th - Good luck! ;)*
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"The Crafty Market is an exciting new Art & Crafts Market in Dublin's Coombe district, a five minutes' walk from St. Patrick's Cathedral. On the first Sunday of each month 45 stall holders set out their wares in an indoor market for you to browse and buy. Don't pay through the nose for handicrafts in exclusive shops when you can purchase them straight from the artist in a fun market environment where haggling is encouraged."


  1. Thanks Tanya! I have applied!! Can anyone tell me what size the normal 'tables' are?! Thanks a mill. Carol :)

  2. 4 x 2.5ft is the usual Carol - nice and roomy for your clothespin cuties! ;)*

  3. Thanks Tanya. I will have loads of little Lavender Filled Fairies too!! Provided I am accepted, that is. Love this blog - it is keeping me beautifully up-to-date.

    By the way, I re-jigged the 'Etsy Ireland' banner from this blog and made a square badge for MY blog. Anyone interested in seeing how this work should visit me at

    Am so so excited that summer has at last arrived to Blackrock!


  4. Loved the day at the Crafty Market - great to meet some of the 'team' :)

    Weecute - can I use that button from your blog?

  5. Thank Tanya. Just put in an application. Hopefully I will get a table. If you are not in you cant win, right!!! :-)

  6. Some day hopefully, i would love to make it. Is it busy?? Would it be worth traveling up from wexford??

  7. Hey 'A Box for....' Of course you can use that badge!! I encourage everyone to use it (or a similar one).

  8. Fair play Clodagh & Carol - crossing fingers that we all get stands! ;)*

    Amazingbabe - some folks travelled from Mayo and Dundalk to get there last weekend! Its well worth a trip especially coming into autumn. I feel everyone is buying bits and pieces for Christmas to save on doing a big splurge in December.

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  10. ooops...

    I've just installed Carol's blog button in our sidebar - to use just right click and save to your computer. Then 'insert picture' from the gadget menu on your blog - it will allow you to put in Url link for etsy ireland! Easier than it sounds!