Sunday 16 August 2009

My name is Clodagh Molloy and I am an Etsy Addict

I have a serious problem, I am an etsy addict and a very proud member of the Etsy Ireland Team. My shop is Clodagh Molloy Jewellery. I have always had an interest in art and craft. I was brought up in a creative family. My father, a landscape painter, and my bother, trained in glass working but now a wrought iron furniture maker, were the biggest and best creative influences in my life. My fondest memory is going to art galleries on a Sunday afternoon with my father. I followed my brothers footsteps and went to the National College of Art and Design. I studied craft design specialising in Metal. Four of the best years of my like.

I am at my happiest and most content when I am in my tiny studio. Hoping to one day have a larger space to work in. However I am happy to have a space I can call my own. I love making custom orders. As a result you will see me regularly checking out the Custom section on Etsy.

I have worked as a jeweller in Finland (Turku) and America (San francisco and San Mateo) as well as here in Ireland. In Ireland I have worked for Alan Ardiff and Breda Haugh, as well as a Jewellery wholesaler. I have also worked in the Dublin Assay Office where all the jewellery made and imported in Ireland is hallmarked for authenticity. I would love to be able to support myself solely from my own work. One step at a time I will get there.

Thanks to all



  1. Are we turning into Etsy Addicts Anonymous here? I suppose we could be worse off! Love your jewellery Clodagh and its interesting to hear about your travels and inspiring family background. We're delighted you have joined the blog team too! :)*

  2. Esty Addicts Anon does have certain ring to it though! And speaking of rings I love your modern take on the cladagh - very chic.

  3. great to hear a bit more about you!

    it's funny, i think you can see a bit of the finnish influence in your designs! great quality stuff!

  4. Clodagh your jewellery is beautiful, I just love my earrings!!!