Sunday 1 March 2015

Gilly Thomas Sculpture Gallery Opens to the Public

One of our Etsy Ireland team members, Gilly Thomas, who has been trading on Etsy under the name SilkandGold, has finally fulfilled a long-held dream. She built a studio and gallery next to her house in rural Wexford, where she now produces bronzes and work in crystacal (a very hard type of plaster).

Describing how she works, Gilly says on her website: 

'When I am modelling a piece I allow the lines to flow so that the eye takes in the shape calmly and the hands move over the piece gently bringing quietness to the spirit. My main interest is in figurative simplicity. Looking at natural forms I capture the essence; the underlying emotion of the animal. I look at the shape as the horse turns his head to me; I see the elegance of him, simplify it and bring that attribute to the finished piece. I want my sculptures to be touched. So let your hands roam over the shapes and feel that peaceful calm quietness.'

The multi-talented Gilly also makes pen and ink drawings which evolved from her life drawing sessions. 

Gilly Thomas Sculpture Gallery  is now open on the 1st Sunday of each month. Do drop in when you are in south County Wexford. The gallery is two miles from Ballinaboola on the way to the JFK Arboretum. A map can be found here

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  1. Lovely to hear that you are up and running Gilly. It must give you a wonderful feeling.
    :-) Catherine

  2. Congratulation, following dreams and get them, how important is for an artisan !
    usually only stays as a dreams LOL

  3. well done Gilly and best of luck with it!

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