Monday 6 May 2013

Guest post- 'Herby Ice Cubes ' by Annemarie

Herby Ice Cubes 

My Mum has a fantasic herb garden. In fact, it's overflowing with all sorts of aromatic greenery and she always gives me massive bunches of the stuff to take home. There's always far more than I can possibly use up before it goes off even though I give a lot of it away.  I often end up throwing a good bit out after it dies off.

That was, until it finally occurred to me to ask my Mum for tips to keep it for longer. I was expecting to learn the best way to dry it. I have vague childhood memories of bundles of herbs  and flowers tied upside down in the warm attic for months. I had no idea until now that you could freeze herbs in their own little ice cubes.

Simply chop them up and fill up the compartments of an old ice cube tray. Then top up with water and freeze, as for any type of ice cube.

Et voila! The ice will melt by the time I'm ready to add the tasty rosemary to my chicken dish. I'll need to chop it a bit finer but it will be as fresh as the day I froze it.

Read more about this in Annemarie's original post here


  1. Love...have been meaning to try this for some time. Inspired today!

  2. we certainly had inspiring summery weather for it today too!