Thursday, 4 April 2013

Guest post: 'Outfit of the Month' by Cordula Hansen

This week features our first edition of the the Etsy Ireland "Outfit of the Month" by guest blogger Cordula Hansen (ICAlien on Etsy). And to get us started, we'll present two selections of vintage wear and handmade accessories, all from Etsy shops based in Ireland.

April tends to, well, surprise us with the most unpredictable weather of the year, and all over we are faced with the question - "what to wear?" If fashion trends are important to you, but you are tired of following the style sheets and prefer the individuality of vintage and handmade clothing and accessories instead - we're here for you with lots of ideas and quality handcraft!

This month's collection from the Etsy Ireland team features light tops and dresses for sunny days, which can be layered with shawlettes or coats. And of course, no outfit is complete without accessories - have a bit of vintage style, or maybe some trendy colour accents!

Currently right on trend are pattern combinations, such as bold stripes and floral prints. And as every good crafter knows, quality materials are the key to good design. For spring 2013, lace and leather are particularly relevant.

Our first outfit takes the current trend for geometric patterns and stripes and gives it a vintage twist. Richer colours, such as navy and red, pair well with lacey textures - add some elegance with a crochet collar, or the lace ring featured here. 

1 1970s Maxi Dress by MayCupVintage
2 Orange Leaf Ear Studs by ResinRoad
3 Geometric Brass Necklace by ABoxForMyTreasure
4 Kimono Fabric Clutch by strombolitwo
5 Red Crochet Collar by Corcra
6 Black Brass Lace Ring by magpieandbutton
7 Stripey Vintage Clutch by joanyg

Our second selection takes a softer, more romantic outlook, with a combination of floral prints, patent leather and crochet lace. Create a trendy contrast with this pink floral chiffon dress or the elegant crochet top, and the shiny white patent leather bag. And accessorise with the futuristic turquoise "atomic" brooch or lightweight paper bead earrings.

1 Rose-coloured floral chiffon dress by studio9design
2 White vintage patent leather handbag by IrishFindings
3 Cream crochet collar by Corcra
4 Beaded statement earrings by SashaSi
5 Atomic lampwork brooch by Spleodar
6 Paper bead earrings by ICAlien
7 Lace crochet top by AliceHalliday

Click on the links to get to all the Etsy shops, where our sellers will be delighted to meet you!

Visit ICAlien's "Dress Sense April 2013" Treasury here.

Next time we'll curate for you a fresh spring interior, just in time for those of you who have managed to plan a de-cluttering session or two...


  1. Thanks for a lovely post!
    P.S. Perhaps you could swap the pictures as the first one is second and vice versa ;) Thank you!

  2. This is a great idea. Well done cordula

  3. I love this kind of post. Thanks.