Sunday, 28 April 2013

Etsy Ireland Team- Discounts

We used to have a few shops offering discounts to other team members, but it has somehow got lost in the ether, so I am intending to start a new list.

We will need to confirm how it will be applied, and in the team meeting we discussed the matter and thought that all team members could be given a code, that could be posted privately in an email and on the Discussion Board here (we can post privately so that only team members can see it).

It could also go into the New Members intro letter that goes out to all new members.

Regarding the application of the code, it was suggested that participating shops could either have a section in their check out section where the code could be entered before the customers cart goes to PayPal, or we could simply add a note telling the team member customer to add it in the note section before the cart goes to PayPal, and we could refund them the appropriate amount after they have paid, via PayPal.

So first of all, any suggestions re the application of the code would be welcome. You can leave comments here and we will discuss them before anything is finalised.

Secondly, I need to make a new list. Anyone wishing to have their shop included in those that would like to give a discount to other team members, please leave your name, and the amount of discount you would like to give, here, and I will compile the list.

Thirdly, we need to confirm when the discounts will commence. I am not suggesting that it will commence immediately, although it could be quite quickly if we go for the refunding the discount option, because we could simply add to the list of shops on the blog as we go along.

Awaiting your comments.


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  1. Hi Sue,
    I would be happy to offer a 10% discount on my supplies shop ( to team members. I can provide a promo code to be used by team members (only :)) at checkout.