Thursday, 11 April 2013

Etsy Forums and Resources

A Helpful Introduction to Etsy Forums and Resources
Thanks The Spiral Goddess for bringing this to our attention!

The Forums are an amazing place for connecting with knowledgeable and experienced Etsy sellers. Here you’ll meet lots of friendly, generous people who will be happy to share with you what they’ve learned since they started their own Etsy businesses!

In addition to that, here are a few other resources you should check out:

The Quick-Start Guide to Selling on Etsy
This guide provides an overview of the many factors that go into running a successful shop on Etsy.

Top 10 Tips for Starting An Etsy Business
Some of Etsy’s most active sellers and Admin share the winning advice that’s worked for them.

Add More Items to Get More Sales
Increase your chances of getting found by shoppers by stocking your shop.

Product Photography for Beginners
The first step to a successful online business is product photography. Learn to photograph like a pro with this how-to video.
On the Etsy Ireland Blog : and

How to Get Found in Search
Use these tips to make sure your items are being seen.

Sell What You Love
Developing your product line is a process of experimentation and evolution.

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For more ways to connect with the Etsy community and expand your knowledge of all things Etsy, look here:

Connect with the Etsy community by joining an Etsy team! Gather with peers to share shop tips, make friends, and connect locally and globally.
How To Find A Team to Help Grow Your Etsy Shop
With so many great teams out there, where do you start? Here are some tips on finding the right team(s) for you:

The Seller Handbook
From SEO to photography to advertising, find it all in this thorough index of resources for running your small business.

The Etsy Success Newsletter
Tips from Etsy and top sellers on how to help your shop bloom.



  1. thank you or collating everything into one spot - theres a wealth of information on etsy but it can be hard to find

  2. A good helpful in this summary...thanks so much

  3. Some of the teams are really good - I got a lot of help and encouragement from the Etsy Success Team last year when I was doing a shop makeover.
    I'm off to read the articles you linked to, on product development and photography!
    Thanks for this great article.