Friday 14 December 2012

Etsy Ireland Office!!!!!

Hi All

Most of you will by now have heard the great news that Etsy is opening an office in Dublin! It will be run by Jeff Conkey and his colleague Bernadette.
It will be opening officially in the New Year but they will be over here setting up offices between 18th - 21st December.
We are going to organise a meeting to discuss all things Etsy with them early in 2013. This will be run on an 'in person' basis for those who can make it to the offices, and a as a simultaneous webcast for those who can't get there, so everyone will be able to have an input. Hopefully also we will be able to record it and take notes so that anyone who can't be there or listen in will get to know all the details too.
As many of you will have seen there will be an availability of jobs in the new offices too (see Bernadettes post on the Discussion page -

In the meantime, Jeff & Bernadette have asked if anyone happens to be in the area on the evening of Thursday 20th, that they might like to pop into the offices for a Christmas drink.
They have suggested bout 5pm, and around 10 - 15 people, so if you would like to go there and welcome Jeff and Bernadette to Ireland drop Sue (Amazing Beads) an email or convo and she will make a list up for Jeff and pass on the address.



  1. That's fantastic news! Welcome to Ireland Jeff and Bernadette. Welcome Etsy! This should help raise Etsy awareness too. I hope you like Dublin, my hometown :-)

    That's a shame I am working the late shift on Thursday so it is out for me but I would hope to get the opportunity to meet in the New Year.

    Merry Christmas to Etsy! That's a great present for Crafty Ireland Team thanks!

  2. Yes, this is very good news. It will be great to raise Etsy's profile in Ireland. Looking forward to developments in the New Year!

  3. And I thought I was going to get a peak at the new offices! Shame! Hopefully soon though! I am so very happy that Etsy has decided to come here. Maybe it will reawaken our great crafting heritage again! Welcome Etsy and long live hand crafted!

    Happy crafting :))