Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Difference is in the Detail 9: Packaging

Hello again. Anne-Marie  of Handmade by Amo'r here with the fortnightly focus on those unique little details that are special to handmade and original artwork or craftsmanship.

We are at the start of what is traditionally the 'busy season' for Etsy sellers. Let's hope it's a good one!  With this in mind, I deviated this week  to seek out a few details that can make packaging  that little bit special - with a little help from Crafty Ireland Team suppliers and paper crafters.

20 Belly Bands. Handmade with Love. Grey Gray Silver Card Straps Strapping Packaging Paper Bands 
Belly bands by Irregular Paper: 'Handmade with Love'
Irregular Paper sells a wide range of lovely embellishements and packaging aids like these belly bands.  
Floral Fabric Tape 
Floral fabric tape by Packages and String
Packages and String sells a host of twine, tape and bags etc. If you haven't got the time or means to make embellishments or tags this floral tape can provide a quick and easy solution.

Orange sheaf of wheat embellishment - Pack of 10
My Wedding Favours makes cute boxes and embellishments. You could glue a sheaf of wheat like this onto your package or incorporate one into a bow.
Gift Tags by Little Atae 
Check out Little Atae for sweet and unusual tags, stickets etc. I love the theme and feel of these kraft gift tags.
Red 2cm buttons
Red buttons from The Irish Knitting Room
You can use all sort of items like feathers, charms, beads or buttons to pretty up plain packaging. These red buttons from The Irish Knitting Room will look striking against affordable brown wrapping paper or glued onto a plain gift box.
White and Silver Starburst Faux Suede Stackable Wrap Bracelet 
Packaging used by Bead Bash
Amy of Bead Bash successfully uses a button to dress up packaging.  Take a peak at her blog post about her packaging.
 Balloon Thank You Cards
You can't go wrong with a thank you note. I mostly make my own out of scrap card or my own business cards but I feel it is worth investing in (more professional looking) ready-made Thank You cards for repeat or larger orders. These mini cards by Doodle Moose Design wont break the bank.
8 Pink and Orange Printable 12x12 scrapbooking digital papers
Many sellers include a free gift with all orders, repeat orders or orders worth over a certain amount. I often make small envelopes or pouches out of scrap paper, tissue or scrapbooking papers. Then I pop in a little clip on charm, beaded zip pull or small pendant. I came across these gorgeous digital papers by Firedrop Design. Print your own pretty paper to wrap small things or make envelopes or thank you cards.

I hope that's given you a few ideas for your packaging. Here's wishing all team members a successful season!


  1. Thank you for the feature, and for introducing these lovely shops! ♥

  2. Many thanks for the feature. Some lovely ideas for packaging!

  3. Thank You so much for featuring my digital papers!

  4. What a great article - packaging makes such a difference to customers' experience.
    I love the floral tape, and Amy's Bead Bash packaging - simple and lovely.