Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Difference is in the Detail 2

Anne-Marie here, focusing in again on those little details that make handmade all the more special. Feast your eyes....
Unusual, Celtic spiral eyes on Sterling Silver Owl by Celtic Twilight

Realistic bite marks on Red Apple Fruit Gift Soap by Scent Cosmetics

Painstaking detail on hand stitched card by BottleHeads Crafts

Enchanting wee flowers on Gwanwyn Spring Fairy by Lively Sheep

And let's not ignore our vintage and supplies stores among the Crafty Ireland Team:
Gorgeous lace collar on 1930s Dress from A Retro Life

Why not add your own detail with these pretty Lace Flowers by Little Snippets

If you want more,


  1. Thank you Anne-Marie.

    Great stuff

  2. Thanks again Anne-Marie it's great!

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  4. (Sorry I managed to delete my comment somehow??
    Here it is again.)

    Love this great series - love looking and oooh'ing at details.

  5. Thanks for featuring my card! Lovely feature, really highlights what is special about handmade objects!