Thursday, 24 May 2012

Help for Sweden!!!

Hi Everyone

Some students from Sweden are looking for some help - please get in touch with them directly if you are happy to participate. Their deadline is this weekend.

We are two students from Sweden conducting a research about Etsy.

It is a part of our Masters Thesis at the UmeƄ university (

We're curious to find out more about motivations behind participation on along with the experiences of the site. This is part of our study on "crowdsourcing" applications.

Our work is not for commercial use, it is a student thesis and it is going to be public for anyone who is interested in the results. We are not receiving anything for this and won’t use the information gathered for anything else but for this particularly thesis. We will only use the first name of the respondent or a nickname (if requested), thus keeping them anonyms.

If there is anyone in this team that could be interested to participate in this research we are doing interviews through instant messanger (MSN or Skype chat) which takes 30 minutes at most. 

For those that are interested in contributing they can add us on Skype (Nayanne.bittencourt) and MSN (


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