Thursday 3 May 2012

Google + & Trunkt

Hi All

Another lovely day in the West of Ireland promised today - apologies East & South of the country!

Eimear from Ella Green Jewellery has been on and recommended the following article on Google + which makes an interesting read!

She also pointed out that Etsy have recently acquired Trunkt which is a facility to allow wholesale sales.
Here is a link to the discussion thread on Etsy -

And here is a link to an article on Techcrunch relating to the topic -

Thanks Eimear for keeping us all up to date on these issues!!! If anyone else wants to get in touch, or put something up on the blog please let me know via my shop Cari Design on Etsy!

Have a happy day everyone!

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  1. Very interesting article about google plus and google + one above - food for thought