Sunday, 1 April 2012

Eyes Open Ireland

Hello Crafty Peeps

This weeks
Eyes Open Ireland
is brought to you by

Sara B. of Smudge Yarns in Cork

Sara says.....
I have some pictures of Myrtleville in Cork...

I find the colors inspirational: the yellow lichen, blue water, and green seaweed. It's just gorgeous!

  You can see the layers in the sedimentary rocks along the bay.

At low tide you can walk amongst the giant rocks and go exploring.

The textures at this beach are so interesting


There are rough boulders, smooth round stones, and slick seaweed. I really like the bright green seaweed that grows on the rocks. It is such an amazing neon green, and it's all natural.
I'd love to dye some yarn this colour.

Thank you Sara for sharing your fab photo's with us!!
You can check out Sara's inspirations in her beautiful Handspun Yarns in her Etsy Shop

Royal Tara -- Violet and Yellow Irish Handspun Wool Yarn

Check out Sara's Blog:

If you would like to take part in Eyes Open Ireland
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Until Next Time


  1. My god, those pictures are just stunning!

  2. Fab photos. Wish I were there now!

  3. Gorgeous Photos! I love your yarn too, I may just have to invest *ahem

  4. What amazing pics - really beautiful.
    I have such fond childhood memories of Myrtleville - great place.
    Thanks for sharing - great to see.

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