Monday, 16 April 2012

Business Card Networking in the UK

We received this information from Paula from via an Etsy convo and thought we would share it with the rest of you lovely people in Etsy Ireland!

We'd like to invite all of your members to send business cards to our media event, see on the 5th May to allow UK and now Irish Etsy sellers to gain some media exposure and to be seen by between 1200 and 1500 people on the day of the fair.

It's a fundraiser for the community centre hosting the event. The aim is to cover this huge table with 1088 stacks of business cards.

To take part you need to send between 10 and 100 business cards and make a donation of £2, which we can do by sending a paypal invoice with details of address etc. Simply ask for this on and don't forget to state the paypal email we need to use.

Etsy and have a free card offer in place which they'd like us to share which gives you 50 free moo cards - 

When we recieve your business cards we'll be sending a second code, for another 50, but this time from our group, KEEP Calm and CRAFT as well as

We need to receive the cards by May 4th and the latest, but you don't need to send the cards, just destash your existing cards and keep the ones for yourself - they are lovely!!!

Also, we have a 'bundle of love' prize draw and if you want to give anything for that make sure you attach a card to it and send with your business cards. The winner gets a bundle of great handmade goodies, and the means to get in touch with all the makers!

That's it if you have any questions please contact me on


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