Friday, 23 March 2012

Tea & chat!

This week I would like to introduce Sima from "Hand made by Sima" she is originally from Lithuania but now lives in Dublin - I love her printing designs!!

1. What has been your art/craft journey so far?I ve been doing crafts since I was a child. My earliest memories about myself are full of my art. I was always a creative type. I tried almost everything: painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, embroidery, felting, applique, card making, decoupage. When I was child I liked to make cards to my family and friends, my grandma taught me embroidery and how to knit and my Mum show me how to to do needlepoint. My other grandma took me to art studio.
I like to knit especially in winter time. But when I found hand printing I understood, that this is exactly for me. I like whole process: choosing fabric, creating design, deciding colour scheme, cutting garment, printing, sewing. And especially the feeling that I created it from start to finish

2. What are your 3 favourite products to work with?
linen, paper,wool

3. What is your favourite quote?
Live your life today!

4. If you could have a perfect work space what would it look like?
Actually I am really happy with my working space at the moment. We have a large kitchen/dining room. I occupied one corner in dining area. At the moment it is the best place for me! I can make dinner, help my children with homework and do my own work in between.
Of course in ideal world I wish to have a studio/shop and do my work in piece,
without disruption. Actually I had that ideal space for a few months this autumn. I shared a studio/shop spaces with other designer, but it didn`t work for me. It was too far from my home and to complicated. Cos I still had to look after my family after work time. And at the end of few weeks I realised that I am much more tired than usually, I did less work, my house look mess. Maybe it will work for a single person. But for me " working from a kitchen table" suits best at the moment. I can answer emails in the morning with my cup of coffee, do some sewing or printing while children at school. Ship orders in afternoon.

5. Who or what is your inspiration?
The inspiration for my work comes from colour combination which I saw in a shop , a bird outside the window, nature, the books I read, my children, my environment. It could be anything. After a few years away from home I started to come back to my roots and incorporate Lithuanian patterns to my work. That's helps me feel more home.
All my free time is given freely and gladly to my works. I very much enjoy the creative process of thinking up a new design and then making it come to life. \par
I truly believe that handmade items tingle with good energy and warmth. Handmade items are much warmer and more beloved
6. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your creative business?
Be honest, do your best, do more then people expect from you and trust yourself!

7. Marmite or Marmalade????
Definitely Marmalade!!! My favorite is Raspberry on fresh baguette with butter and cup of coffee :)

8. What has been your proudest moment?
There were many and everyone at that moment was the proudest:) Here are few of them: 
college graduation in Lithuania, second college graduation in Ireland, child birth, when I sold my first handmade piece...
But I know that my most proudest moment are still in a future waiting for me!

Thanks Sima!!


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  2. Nice to meet you Sima-I like your work:)

  3. Lovely to meet Sima. Beautiful work, obviously made with honest passion : )

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