Friday, 9 March 2012

Getting To Know You #7

Aspiring Metalsmiths is a friendly team of Etsy sellers working with metal. Browsing the team listings gave me a sudden need to get some of their lovely pieces. And when I checked what Etsy Ireland had in store, I thought I definitely could use some more jewelry.
Hoping this won't make you spend all your money over the week-end. I see you all next week with a new cross team treasury. In the meanwhile feel free to convo me through my shop with any question / suggestion / comment / English language tip :)


  1. I'm so honored to have been included in this fabulous selection of jewellery! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Raphaƫle - wonderful treasury - I love being included.

  3. Thanks a million Raphael, I also really liked the wood and silver earrings and the dinky Gingo leaf ring