Sunday, 11 March 2012

Eyes Open Ireland

Ok Team
We Need Your Input

Eyes Open Ireland
is a post here on the team forum where you, our team members,
show us your favourite photo's of places and tell us why they inspire you.

It can be somewhere miles from where you are or right outside your door.
All you need to do is send in 5 or 6 pictures and tell us why you picked them.

In return we will post links to your Etsy shop,Facebook page, Twitter etc.

Brownshill Dolmen Carlow

This is one of my favourite places in Carlow, The Brownshill Dolmen.
It is Magical! 
I love to sit under it and feel the fear of it collapsing on me.
Even though it has been there for over 5000 years you never know :o)

It is fabulolus and fast becoming a huge tourist attraction, even the PaddyWagon stops here now.
At this time of year it is starting to get busy but if you time it right you can have it all to yourself.

Browneshill Dolmen
Also called Cromlechs from the gaelic Crom = Stone & Lech = Flagstone 
The capstone alone weighs about 100 tonnes and is the largest to be found in Europe!
How the hell did they build this 5000 years ago???

It has never been excavated so there is not a lot of info available but it is still fascinating.

I love it! Even when driving by it always turns my head.

If you would like to show us your pictures and tell us why you love them
please contact me through my Etsy Shop

We need your input to keep this blog alive :o)

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  1. I live only 20 min away from from Brownshill Dolmen for 13yrs. But still haven't seen it properly.
    I will pay a visit soon!

  2. Great photos! I can just picture you sitting under the capstone to see will it fall on you! They say you should do one thing scary every day, eh?