Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thank You Notes: A Simple How-To

Thank You Notes: A Simple How-To

This is republished with thanks again to Ruth from Nice Day Designs!

I include thank you notes with all of my online orders. I always make them in bulk though so I have them ready to hand when I get orders. It's a nice little touch that makes my work stand out from the crowd and makes it more personal. People shop on Etsy for these little extra handmade touches, it's part of what sets it apart from buying from faceless multinationals.

In an effort to keep costs low I make my own rather than buying them. I always take notice more of a handwritten card, rather than a business card thrown in with the order. Here is a simple how-to for how I made my most recent cards: 

You will need:
Ink pad (two colours preferably)
Clear stamps of your own choosing
X-cut corner cutter (optional)
Blank Cards (small) I used something similar to these
Envelope (optional but it makes it nicer)
Printing sticker paper (optional)

1.  Since I make cards I also have a lot of odds and ends or cards lying about the place. I have chosen to cut them in half so I can get better value for money. For a neater finish cut either side on the centre crease, making two cuts. 

2.  I love rounded corners on cards, I think it adds something elegant to them, I know it's more work but it's worth those extra few minutes. You can get one here at a reasonable price, and it's great value for money, I use mine all the time. 

      3. Since I sell crafty items I chose a scissors and thread stamp from my               collection (I also like that it kind of matches my tattoo). I've been building up my collection over the past year because I make cards, but you can easily pick these up in your local craft shop. I first stamped my image using black ink. I then found a thank you stamp and used red ink for the lettering to make it stand out more.

4. It's always important to keep on branding yourself. I made up these little stickers in Photoshop in a few minutes. I added my website address below my logo, and also the Facebook, twitter and blogger logos so people know they can search my business name and find me. This is a lot tidier than typing out all the addresses, handy when working with a small space. Weirdly I picked up a pack of 10 sheets of sticker paper in my local €2 shop, and I can use them in my printer at home which is really handy. I fit about 40 of these stickers on a sheet, the sheet costs €0.20, so that works out cheap as chips!

5. I put the sticker on the reverse of the card, and write my message of thanks to my customer just below it. 

I hope you all found that as useful as I did. Much thanks again to Ruth for allowing us to republish it.

If any of you have any information that you would like to see included in this blog or if you have any articles, advice or tutorials that you think might be useful please get in touch with me, Caroline, through my Etsy Shop Cari Design

Thanks again

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  1. Hand made cards are a nice touch ~ LOVE the tattoo by the way!