Friday, 3 February 2012

Listing in the Categories/Lets Shop Section of the Blog

Hi Everyone,

You may or may not have noticed that the 'Lets Shop' category listing on the blog has recently changed.
The new system is linked to Etsy, is quite professional, and is much easier to add to.

First of all, it is done by yourselves. This applies to new and new(ish) members that have joined and have not been added to the categories yet, but members who were on the category list already will benefit by re-applying the new system too. The old members would appear under the "global" search for all items by the Etsy Ireland team - this search looks for the craftyirelandteam tag, which we all use already. Everyone would need to update a single item representing their category/categories with the tag "craftyirelandteam1" in order to be included in the new categories system though.

 Here's what you do:
 a) In order to have your shop listed in the category section of the blog you should tag one item ONLY in your store with the tag craftyirelandteam1 This item should embody your work and represent the category that your shop fits into in the Etsy hierarchy. If a shop has multiple categories, representative items from one other category should be tagged. No more than two categories are allowed
 b) Each shop owner should tag a search using craftyirelandteam1 as the search term will then essentially result in a list of Irish stores that are part of the Crafty Ireland Team, automatically categorised by Etsy on the left hand side.
c) As an example, I tagged a bracelet with the tag, since this represents my main category (Jewellery) and embodies my products in general.
d) Once in a while I have a look through the shop directory & remove empty shops (It looks better to new visitors to have stocked shops. If you’re not shutting down your shop for good, use vacation mode & your shop won’t be removed). If your shop has been removed just send a convo when you start listing again & I’ll add you back on.
e) This is a one-off, for your shop, not to be confused with the tagging in the MAIN THING for each item , as above. Once your shop is listed under the categories, it will remain.
f) It takes 10 mins to 30 mins for your shop to show up in the listings once you have tagged it.

Check it out. I hope you like it.


  1. thanks Sue that's important news.

  2. How convenient!
    I have a question though, what if the item that is tagged sells?
    Will it remain?

  3. me again, lol.
    sorry, I don't understand what is meant by tag a search? how do you do that?

    just want to do this right!

  4. Hiya, Rob here - this was my idea :) Basically, you should include the tag "craftyirelandteam1" in your item's tags. This item's category should represent the bulk of what you sell in your store. If the item sells unfortunately you would need to retag a different item in the same category, since Etsy cannot search sold items.

    1. This is a great idea, Rob. Thanks. I do have a question though. My shop items are in the "All Craftyireland .... Products" section, however, in order for my items to appear when the "Handmade Items" below that is selected I have to tag each item with "craftyirelandteam1". I've done this now but wanted to check if this is OK from your point of view.

    2. Hi Cathy,

      You only need to tag ONE of your items with craftyirelandteam1, the rest can be tagged with craftyirelandteam. The idea is that each shop will list one or two items that best describe the category of the items they're selling which will produce a categorical shop listing on Etsy automatically.

      Kind regards,