Sunday, 8 January 2012

People Wanted For The Etsy Ireland Team

Hi Everyone,

We need help on the team.

Firstly,we need someone to be responsible for the main blog. It's fine if other people are blogging, you just need to check on everything. However, if no-one is blogging, you will need to write posts,even if they are short, but interesting please. Contact me for more details please.

Secondly, We need someone to take over the 'Tea And a Chat With' post. Contact me for more more details.

Thirdly, I think it would be good to have a person to regularly make treasuries involving Other Teams AND Etsy Ireland Team. A sort friendship thing, that will get publicity for us and them. Contact me please.

Lastly, I would like for us to set up a Pinterest Site just for us.

OK. I know that you are all really busy. We are all really busy. It's 4 positions, and we have had over 100 new members since I took over. There are 400 and something of us in the team so there MUST be 4 of you out there who want to help your Etsy Ireland Community. So you 4, whoever you are.. please get in touch with me at :

You will love yourselves, and we will love YOU for it.


  1. Best of luck in the search Sue. Fingers crossed some people will come forward :)

  2. Hi Sue just sent you an email!
    (Cari Design)