Monday, 16 January 2012

Opportunities to sell your art/crafts in new shops

Hi there! I thought I'd share with you the latest shops that I successfully sell my art/craft in.

First Fondelifair shop in Ennistymon. It's a community run shop where participants pay monthly rent (40-50 euros depending on each particular month) and 100% of your sales go back to you with no commission taken. Ennistymon shop opened in mid November and had some nice sales during Christmas time and is sure to be a successful project especially once the tourist season kicks in.If you want to join or learn more - check out this page -

And another wonderful shop with a new concept of "monthly shelf fee - no commission" - Truly gifted in Mallow. I've been getting regular sales there from the day it's opened! You can find more information on Truly gifted facebook page - or

Tanya Bond from


  1. Hi, please come to Galway... I would love to take part in your shops. I love arts and crafts and I make lots of things. Lorena.

  2. Lorena, you don't have to live in Mallow or Ennistymon to take part. You can always post your crafts to these shops. I'm really far away from most of the shops that I take part in, and mose of them I've never seen in real life - just on photos:)

  3. I have some of my pieces in the Ennistymon shop and will send some more down shortly. Lorena, I am also miles away from the shop - I live in Belfast :)