Wednesday 10 August 2011

The New Etsy Ireland Committee

 Organic green cotton strip dress by pureharte

Team Admin: Sue from amazingbeads
Blog Co-Ordinator: Amy from pervertedcoffee

New Member Admin for 'Welcome' updates: Ellen from Spiralgoddess

Web Designer: Maggie from TheBowMakers
Techie Backup: Apple from AuntyApplesReFinery

Blog Hosts: Ruth from nicedaydesigns, Mo from Huggleknits, Mante from MedusaJewellery, Tara from mariposavintage, Frances from ShineSpinner, Carys from bottleheads
Crafty News: Natalie from the Blue Sylph
Treasury Currator: (vacancy)
Fab Five on Fridays: Rachel from balanced
Eyes Open Ireland (monthly): Ellen from Spiralgodess
Tea and a Chat: Rebecca from LuckyRainbowDesigns

Twitter: Letizia from ooakie
Facebook: Nadine from thethistlepatch

PR/Think Tank: Angela from graceandfavourshop, Sue from amazingbeads

Area Representatives:
Belfast: Brigitte from PurlsofColour
Dublin: Natalie from the Blue Sylph
Galway: Tara from mariposavintage
Limerick:Ruth from nicedaydesigns
Cork: Amy from pervertedcoffee


  1. yay!
    so nice to see all the slots filled! (except one:P)
    well done team!

  2. Fantastic. It's looking really good now. Well done all.

  3. Wow, that is some line-up of talent. It looks like we are in for some quality leadership.
    Best of luck to you all,

  4. Woo hoo! Delighted to see a (nearly) full house. Can't wait for all the new inspiration :)