Sunday, 3 July 2011

Shligigh-ish Crafties Ahoy!

Calling all Northwest of Ireland Etsy Seller People!
(Sound like Captain Janeway from the Starship ‘Enterprise’, don’t I!)

Since this is the year of Craft, I’ve been reading about all sorts of Craft events and ‘do’s’ happening elsewhere in the country; but the nearest to Sligo is either Donegal or Ballinasloe, as far as I’ve discovered. For anyone with children, transport restrictions (i.e. Cost of petrol- not funny), work commitments, etc, travelling far isn’t really possible. It certainly is impossible for me.

Enter the Great Notion! We make our own Shligigh group!

I wonder if any of you who are within easy reach of Sligo, would be interested in getting together on a regular (monthly?) informal basis to meet and greet, show and tell, talk and listen, support, cheer on, brainstorm, and all that sorta jazz … each other? I’m specifying ‘Sellers’ here because I know there are already various craft groups, and I think it is ‘sellers’ who need to support each other, having a somewhat different outlook, set of interests/ needs to ‘hobby’ crafts’ people.

At present my idea is just to meet each other, like minded Crafties, you know? But some of you may have ideas for doing more, and I certainly would be interested in any ideas you have, especially any which raise the profile of us Crafties trying to earn a living in the Barbaric West!!
(joke- I’m Irish and proud of it!)

As a start, perhaps if you are interested in meeting, you could convo me with a ‘yea’, or a ‘nay’. If you don’t wish to be included in further updates, (and I do appreciate that many people have enough to do without something like this) I’d appreciate knowing, and if it’s a ‘yea’ perhaps emails would be an easier way to group message?

Secondly, it seems to me that an early evening meeting (like 7 or 7.30) on a weeknight would probably suit most people, over a coffee/ tea (can’t afford a meal out), so perhaps you’d like to indicate which night would suit, otherwise I’d just make an arbitrary choice.

Thirdly, a cafe in Sligo town would seem an obvious venue, and if people are keen I’ll investigate where is open and/or suitable. Of course, if we grow into something amazing, we could be hiring the Sligo Park next!!!!!!!
Anyhow, please let me know what you think and we’ll take it from there!

Heather (from HecketyBeckety on Etsy)

If you want a phone number, please email or convo me? And btw (or is it fyi?) texting or email is my preferred method of communication!!


  1. Hi Heather - if you haven't sold anything yet do you still qualify as a seller!!!!!!!! I am based in Westport with a toddler so I am limited with time also but would be keen to meet up with people and would be happy to travel for an hour or so once a month! Caroline (Cari Design)

  2. I am good for most nights - preferably Mon, Tues, Thurs or Friday!

  3. Great idea -pity I'm so far away or I'd join in (in Athlone)

  4. Hi there Im in Connemara but would be willing to travel on weekends to connect with other artists/crafters?

  5. Thank you for your comments, people! I've written to you individually in your blog comments, but am having trouble finding your shops to convo you. If you had a mo could you convo me via HecketyBeckety just so I have the link to keep you posted...please?

    Thanks a mill!