Friday, 24 June 2011

Fab 5 on Friday - Honeysuckle

Inspired by one of Pantones prominent colours for Fall 2011 - Honeysuckle (mixed with a bit of Fresh Green)

... this is me wishfully thinking we will get a proper Summer before Summer is over.

1. Pink and Cream Crochet Roses from AnnieDesign
2. Pink Powder Felt and Ceramic Necklace from joannafelt
3. "Apartment Sweet Apartment" Print from ThePrintMakers
4. Floral Purse/Wallet from joanyg
5. Spring Garden Lampwork Earrings from FioreJewellery

Chosen by Rach of balanced
If you would like to suggest or curate a Fab Five on Friday collection of your own, just send me an Etsy convo :)


  1. This is beautiful Rachel! Gorgeous picks :)

  2. thank ya, Beth! :)

    And I just noticed the new blog design. So pretty!

  3. Woah, your first Fab Five is a cracker :) Love it!!!

    The new design is the work of Maggie, our web designer, who is beavering in the background! Now if we only had the weather to match...

  4. Thanks for including my necklace:)
    Fantastic collection, great job!